Shadowhawk Laser Saber: The Next Step In The Evolution Of The Tactical Laser Saber

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laser saber by shadowhawk

Imagine being able to fend off an attacker using a laser saber. It immediately calls to mind Star Wars, right? Well, while laser sabers are not essentially the same as “lightsabers” wielded by the Jedi and Sith from the said franchise, they pretty much have a similarity in their use of lasers as a way to keep yourself from harm. For instance, you use laser sabers with the intention of blinding your attackers, not decapitating their limbs!

A Potent Self-Defense Tool that Capitalizes on Laser Technology

A laser saber is practically a variant of tactical laser saber weapons. It was once a technology that was available only to the U.S. military but has since been utilized in the development of handy self-defense equipment. They are usually powered by lithium ion, so you can expect them to last for a long time. They are usually designed to be light but sturdy (hence, their aluminum make) and small enough to be inconspicuous.

How The Shadowhawk Laser Saber Works

laser saber by shadowhawkLaser sabers are used in pretty much the same way that tactical flashlights are used. With the single press of a button, you can direct a powerful laser beam at your attacker’s eyes to stun and blind him. And, when we say “powerful”, just think of how disorienting a normal beam of light already is when it is shone to eyes that have gotten used to the dark; now, imagine the light being 100x brighter. You can expect nothing less from a laser saber.

One of the best and most cost-friendly laser sabers available in the market today is the Shadowhawk Laser Saber. By simply pushing a button, you will activate its powerful laser that can blind any invader at the spot. The beam produced is so strong and solid that, when viewed from a distance, you will see a straight line of laser that reaches up to heavens. From this fact alone, the blinding capability of this weapon is evidently unquestionable.

It’s made of aluminum and is primarily black in color in order for it be easily hidden, especially in the dark. Equally good is that it can last for hours because of its lithium ion batteries. It’s very easy to wield and doesn’t require you to confront your attacker anymore, especially if you hit him solidly in the eyes. Lastly, for all the benefits it has, it’s very not very costly as well.

Why You Should Carrying a Laser Saber with You at All Times

• Here are but some of the solid reasons that make a laser saber an excellent self-defense weapon:
• It’s very cheap, compared to purchasing guns and other specialized weapons, but is very effective.
• Its efficacy lies mainly in the fact that it’s designed with the worst defense scenarios in mind. After all, would you be able to wield a gun properly in areas with limited lighting and in difficult shooting angles?
• It’s perfect for identifying threats in very dark venues, and really performs well in dire scenarios.
• Would-be attackers, realizing that they have already been compromised with the sight of a laser pointer being pointed directly at them, would definitely hesitate assaulting you (if they haven’t already scrammed, that is).
• Has a very long life, with an average usage limit of 5,000 hours.

Empower Network A Global Business Opportunity

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Do you know the biggest challenge most entrepreneurs face? It is attaining excellent results in their businesses. Great results do not just happen, unfortunately. A business partner requires more than just money to turn their struggles and failures into powerful assets. In short, what every entrepreneur needs are the unparalleled products provided by the Empower network.

Ever since its inception, this company has helped over one hundred and fifty thousand business people attain their dreams. Now the company operates in multiple languages including English, Portuguese and Spanish which is why so many people around the world have joined the organization.

Read on to understand how this business networking system works.

Empower Network Brief History

empower-network-global-companyBoasting the largest publishing platforms and blogging populations on the internet, Empower Network was launched in 2011 by David Wood. The organization’s headquarter is in St. Petersburg, Florida. Since it humble beginning, the founder’s aims were to assist and empower small business owners and seekers of business opportunities to learn how to make use of the internet and IT in a favorable manner. Up until now the firm has grown massively, paying over eighty million dollars in commissions to its hardworking affiliates.

Empower Network Main Objective

Other than its ground breaking viral blogging system, Kalatu, Empower Network offers high quality training products and services to internet marketers, home-based business owners and small and medium business owners. It owns up to six business and marketing software products that are full of valuable lessons on how to run successful online businesses. As we speak, the company has grabbed the attention of about thirty thousand affiliate marketers who are proudly and successfully using its affiliate program to make lots of money.

Products The Company Provides

The company’s networking communities benefit from six different memberships. Each product is designed to train interested people exactly what they should learn to successfully market their products and services on the internet and offline. Offering practical marketing tools and information, the organization allows its affiliates or members to gain the right to retail its products for a full commission. The following are its 6 products.

1. Kalatu blogging system – Built upon the Word-Press blogging platform, Kalatu is integrated with every tool a blogger requires to run a thriving blog. Among the outstanding features of Kalatu are the high converting capture pages that let you gather emails and begin creating your leads. Spending lots of money and time designing a personal blog is not necessary. To retain your membership, you need to spend 25 dollars every month.

2. Inner Circle membership – It entails a bunch of audio clips prepared by highly successful businessmen within Empower Network to help people alter their negative mindsets about business failures. To draw inspiration from these, you are advised to regularly listen to the audio recordings. The good news is that you could do it anywhere you want on your portable device like a phone. Only 100 dollars a month are required to become a member.

3. Top producer formula – With a one-time payment of $500, you can buy this membership plan. Lead by David Wood, the CEO, this plan offers thirteen different modules or tutorials on ways to become a productive person in any business sector. A lot of sales techniques and concepts are detailed in up to eleven top quality videos.

4. Team Building Formula – This membership package teaches people on how to sell great paying affiliate products and how to build sales teams. Priced at $1000, this program offers eleven expert level webinars and lessons that can be played over and over in any place you choose.

5. Mass Influence Formula – What you get from this membership are a set of recorded tutorials produced by front-line income earners and marketers within the network. In short, you will get tricks and tips from the horse’s mouth. Mass Influence Formula entails eight modules priced at $3,500.

6. Unstoppable Dream – The brains behind this membership plan are none other than Tracey Walker and Rhonda Swan— top profit makers and team building producers. These two females will enlighten you on ways to target your markets to get results. Priced at $997, Unstoppable Dream is worth is every penny according to people who have gone through the program.

Is Empower Network A Good Fit For You?

The answer is yes, if you want to learn and master internet marketing. Thousands of business people who never owned successful companies before joining the network are now smiling all the way to the bank. What can stop you from being a member too? Simply get in and start learning how to be an excellent marketer and entrepreneur.